Sermon Series

Ephesians: The Living Church

Jesus in John's Gospel

Kingdom Building

Building Character

Worlds Collide

The Captivating Life of Jesus

Advent - 2015

Hearing God

Praying as Jesus Prayed

Jesus, the Holy Spirit & You

How Real is Your Jesus?

Walking as Jesus Walked

Following Jesus

Christmas Surprises

Kingdom of God

Better Than Rubies


Spiritual Disciplines

Songs of Christmas

The Overlooked God

Biblical Giving

What is Worship?

For All Nations

Getting in Character

Not "Just" Christian

The Gift of Christmas

Lessons from Kings

How To Be Rich


The Gospel Spreads

Enemies of the Heart

Implications of the Incarnation

Witnesses in Jerusalem

God's Unlikely Heroes

Go Fishing

Why Did Jesus...?

1 Peter

Giving Like God

Instructions for the Priests

Early Days

Shaped by God's Heart


Future Church 2009



Future Focus

Being a Christ Follower

Life When God Reigns

Christmas Beyond Compare

Future Church

Trust Me

Back to the Future

Just Walk Across the Room

Applied Maturity

Micah's Hope

A High Definition Church

Deciphering Jesus

Never Beyond Hope

40 Days of Purpose

Ten Commandments


The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The Great I Ams of Christ


James - The Proverbs of the New Testament

The "I Am's" of Christ

Study in James

Christianity's Missing Link

Mother's Day


Spiritual Influence and Its Effects

Toward a Healthy Church

Father's Day



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