Sermons by Dr. Tom Dow

Professor, Chancellor, President Emeritus, Interim President of Emmanuel Bible College. Dr. Dow has been affiliated with EBC since 1957 when he first came as a 17-year old student. He served as pastor to four Evangelical Missionary Church congregations, for a total of 17 years. He also taught as a faculty member at the United Missionary Theological College in Ilorin, Nigeria. His late wife, Carolyn, always stood with him and devoted herself to serving the College as an able and willing volunteer. He has three children and several grandchildren.

Date Title
2004-05-16 Jesus - Man Of Joy - Man Of Sorrows
2004-05-09 Women In Service Of God
2004-01-18 Something To Think About
2002-11-24 Portraits Of Grace - EBC
1990-03-18 Bible Colleges
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